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A&E premieres the new original real life series "Barter Kings", featuring a skilled pair of entrepreneurs as they trade up from low value items to items worth thousands more, with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, June 12 at 9PM ET/PT. Cash is never exchanged and value is subjective, but these guys know the current market well and they will trade multiple times over to get to the objects of their desire. "Barter Kings" features the thriving subculture of cashless trading, following Steve and Antonio, two of the best barterers in the business. In a time where cash is hard to come by, Steve and Antonio have figured out how to get what they want without spending a dime. There is no limit to what these two set their sights on and they will carry out strings of trades based on inherent value in order to get there. (Source: A&E TV)

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3x07 17-Sep-2013 Driving Home the Deal NEW

3x06 10-Sep-2013 The Gloves Come Off 

3x05 03-Sep-2013 There's Snow Time Like Trading Time 

3x04 27-Aug-2013 Tradecation 

3x03 20-Aug-2013 Clowning Around in Utah 

3x02 13-Aug-2013 Puppy Love 

3x01 06-Aug-2013 Tazed and Confused 

2x06 13-Feb-2013 For Sail. Will Consider Trade 

2x05 06-Feb-2013 TBA 

2x04 30-Jan-2013 TBA 

2x03 23-Jan-2013 Big Rig Or Bust 

2x02 16-Jan-2013 The Traders Went Down To Georgia 

2x01 09-Jan-2013 Snakes On A Trade