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"Flip Men" on Spike TV: Shot on location in Salt Lake City, this unscripted series follows a pair of real estate investors as they work to transform dilapidated properties into marketable properties. You’ll follow them as they buy homes sight unseen at property auctions, enter newly acquired properties and discover the challenges that lay ahead in renovating them and bringing them to market.

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2x10 23-Sep-2012 A Huge Mistake NEW

2x09 23-Sep-2012 Doug Vs. The Inspector 

2x08 16-Sep-2012 The Bet 

2x07 09-Sep-2012 Bloody Crime Scene 

2x06 26-Aug-2012 Polygamist House 

2x05 19-Aug-2012 The Stench 

2x04 12-Aug-2012 Hoarder House 

2x03 12-Aug-2012 Bee House 

2x02 05-Aug-2012 Drive Through Meth Lab 

2x01 05-Aug-2012 Jacked By Thieves 

1x12 03-Jan-2012 Mike Fights Doug 

1x11 03-Jan-2012 Death Trap 

1x10 20-Dec-2011 Dungeon House 

1x09 13-Dec-2011 Maggot House 

1x08 06-Dec-2011 Sinking Home 

1x07 06-Dec-2011 Bombs Away 

1x06 29-Nov-2011 Suicide 

1x05 22-Nov-2011 Fire House 

1x04 15-Nov-2011 Mystery House 

1x03 08-Nov-2011 Tree House 

1x02 01-Nov-2011 Gang House 

1x01 25-Oct-2011 Meth House