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"Scandal" is a new drama that centers on Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a former media relations consultant to the President who has the power to "fix" things for everyone. Now, she is on her own working for herself with a new law firm. However, as it always is, the past starts to come back into her life when slowly it is clear that her staff, who are specifically trained in fixing the lives of other people, can't seem to quite fix their own issues. When Olivia is called to protect the president again, she and her firm need to look over all the evidence to try to squash the scandal before it hits mainstream media. This takes her on a journey to find the truth and cover it. Created by Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) comes this new and fresh drama that focuses on the Scandals that hit Washington and the people who are employed to fix things before they get bad.

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3x10 12-Dec-2013 A Door Marked Exit NEW

3x09 05-Dec-2013 YOLO 

3x08 21-Nov-2013 Vermont is for Lovers, Too 

3x07 14-Nov-2013 Everything‚Äôs Coming Up Mellie 

3x06 07-Nov-2013 Icarus 

3x05 31-Oct-2013 More Cattle, Less Bull 

3x04 24-Oct-2013 Say Hello to My Little Friend 

3x03 17-Oct-2013 Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington 

3x02 10-Oct-2013 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 

2x22 16-May-2013 White Hat's Back On 

2x21 09-May-2013 Any Questions? 

2x20 02-May-2013 A Woman Scorned 

2x19 25-Apr-2013 Seven Fifty-Two 

2x18 04-Apr-2013 Molly, You in Danger, Girl 

2x17 28-Mar-2013 Snake in the Garden 

2x16 21-Mar-2013 Top of the Hour 

2x15 21-Feb-2013 Boom Goes The Dynamite 

2x14 14-Feb-2013 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 

2x13 07-Feb-2013 Nobody Likes Babies 

2x12 31-Jan-2013 Truth or Consequences 

2x11 17-Jan-2013 A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar 

2x10 10-Jan-2013 One for the Dog 

2x09 13-Dec-2012 Blown Away 

2x08 06-Dec-2012 Happy Birthday, Mr. President 

2x07 29-Nov-2012 Defiance 

2x06 15-Nov-2012 Spies Like Us 

2x05 08-Nov-2012 All Roads Lead to Fitz 

2x04 25-Oct-2012 Beltway Unbuckled 

2x03 18-Oct-2012 Hunting Season 

2x02 04-Oct-2012 The Other Woman 

2x01 27-Sep-2012 White Hat's Off