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Weeds is an American dark comedy series created by Jenji Kohan and produced by Tilted Productions in association with Lionsgate Television. The central character is Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), a widowed mother of two boys who begins selling marijuana to support her family after her husband dies suddenly of a heart attack. Over the course of the show, she and her family become more entangled in illegal activities

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8x13 16-Sep-2012 It's Time (Part 2) NEW

8x12 16-Sep-2012 It's Time (Part 1) 

8x11 09-Sep-2012 God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise 

8x10 02-Sep-2012 Threshold 

8x09 26-Aug-2012 Saplings 

8x08 19-Aug-2012 Five Miles From Yetzer Hara 

8x07 12-Aug-2012 Unfreeze 

8x06 05-Aug-2012 Allosaurus Crush Castle 

8x05 29-Jul-2012 Red in Tooth and Claw 

8x01 01-Jul-2012 Messy 

7x13 26-Sep-2011 Do Her/Don't Do Her 

7x12 19-Sep-2011 Qualitative Spatial Reasoning 

7x11 12-Sep-2011 Une Mère Que J'aimerais Baiser