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Ever heard of a trailer park being transformed into a five-star resort? Redneck jokes aside, that's the ambition of a trailer park landlord in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and it's the main story line that is followed -- and perhaps fed -- by TLC in this hourlong series. Becky has recently taken over the day-to-day operations of the park from her father, and she has added an on-site hair salon and a new above-ground swimming pool to help fulfill her champagne wishes and caviar dreams for the park. But the quirky residents may be too consumed with their own lives to notice. There's Jared, a drifter whom Becky hires to do odd jobs; Chelsey and Lindsay, owners of the Darlin' Dog Wiener Girl hot-dog stand; Gina, who operates Myrtle Manor's hair salon; former drag queen Roy, the salon's co-owner; Taylor, the so-called ``king of Myrtle Beach nightlife''; and many other characters who abide by trailer-park code: You mess with one, you mess with the whole park.

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2x02 23-Jan-2014 The Handyman Can NEW

2x01 16-Jan-2014 Something's Fishy in the Manor 

1x10 05-May-2013 My Big Fat Trailer Park Wedding 

1x09 28-Apr-2013 Where There's Smoke, There's Jared 

1x08 21-Apr-2013 Bogged Down in Love 

1x07 14-Apr-2013 Investigations and Altercations 

1x06 07-Apr-2013 Unhitched 

1x05 31-Mar-2013 Queen of the Trailer Park 

1x04 24-Mar-2013 Trouble in Weiner-dise 

1x03 17-Mar-2013 Days of Our Trailer Park Lives 

1x02 10-Mar-2013 All Tangulled Up 

1x01 03-Mar-2013 A Five-Star Resort